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60 Minutes: $75
90 Minutes: $100
All massages include the optional use of hot basalt stones, essential oils, CBD cream, and Ace Medicpping Therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage
Tailored to meet your specific needs, deep tissue massage utilizes deep tissue and trigger point techniques to help provide relief from chronic pain. 
Swedish Massage
Relieve stress and tension with relaxing strokes and techniques while receiving focused attention to specific problem areas as needed. 
Prenatal Massage

This massage for the expectant mother is designed to help ease some of the pain and discomfort that comes with carrying a child, focusing on rest and relaxation.

On-Location Massages
Regular price plus travel fee
Choose any treatment in the comfort of your own home! Travel fee is dependent upon distance from office location.
Sports Recovery Massage
This massage utilizes a variety of stretches, compressions, and faster paced techniques to stimulate blood flow to sore and tired muscles. This is a great treatment to aid in recovery from a marathon, competition, or for any active individual looking to optimize their body's performance.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage

90 Minutes Only

For centuries hot basalt stones have been utilized in bodywork for their healing properties. In this treatment hot stones are used to melt away tension and enhance relaxation.

30 Minute Focus Session
For those who have a specific area of pain or discomfort in need of attention but do not have time for a full 1 hour session or for those who are new to massage and want to try a shorter session for their first experience.
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